Nevus of Ota is an uncommon pigmentation on the skin, often arising at birth but sometimes arising in childhood or teenage years. The treatment of choice for nevus of Ota is laser therapy. Notably, the first published paper on the laser treatment of Nevus of Ota was written by Dr. Roy G. Geronemus. Treatment can begin at any time, including early infancy. Some of the most effective treatment options for the lesion are the Ruby, nd:YAG and PicoSure™ lasers. The choice of laser is based on the skin type of the patient as we tailor the treatment to each individual patient. Treatments are performed with either topical anesthesia, local anesthesia and in some cases, none at all. Typically multiple treatments are required. Post treatment recovery is based upon the choice of laser. Some of the treatments result in minimal redness of the skin for days, others may lead to some crusting for a week or so following treatment. The various options are reviewed with each patient or their families at the time of consultation. In most cases, treatment can begin the day of the consultation.


Nevus of Ota

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Nevus of Ota Before and After Nevus of Ota Before and After Nevus of Ota Before and After
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