PicoPlus® is a the new picosecond laser that complements our PicoSure Laser with high energy at two wavelengths of light for tattoos, pigment, birthmarks and skin rejuvenation. PicoPlus® provides the treatment versatility, wavelengths, precise fluence and pulse control needed to achieve the results your patients want, regardless of difficulty.

PicoPlus® Highest Power & Versatility For Difficult Cases  
  • Highest Power of Any Multi-Wavelength Picosecond Laser
  • Shorter Pulses (450ps) –Reduced Pain & Erythema
  • Best of Nanosecond & Picosecond Pulse Durations
  • Advanced Proprietary Technology & Elegant Ergonomics
  • Proven Performance & Reliability 
  • Proprietary Hollywood PicoPeel™