A product which has been recently approved for use in the United States for improving the appearance of deeper wrinkles, including nasolabial folds. It can also be used for some types of acne scarring as well as to contour the face. This product has become very popular among dermatologists since people are shying away from traditional face lifts. Radiesse injections are performed after application of a topical anesthetic agent, and the injection can usually be performed on the day of consultation. Radiesse involves the injection of calcium hydroxylapatatite (CaHA) particles suspended in a hyaluronic acid gel. With this product, there is some immediate improvement due to the hyaluronic acid injection. However, there is also a gradual and longer lasting result, as the CaHA microspheres form a “scaffold” which stimulates collagen production in and around the treated areas. Over time, the gel carrier is absorbed and replaced by the body’s own collagen. Results last approximately one year.

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Radiesse before and after Radiesse before and after radiesse treatment of fine lines and facial folds