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Broken or enlarged blood vessels (facial spider veins, angiomas, telangiectasia) are commonly seen on the face, neck, chest, and legs.

red spots & blood vessels

Facial redness and visible veins are common cosmetic issues for men and women alike. These symptoms can occur due to rosacea, sun damage, or the normal aging process. Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that requires periodic treatments to keep symptoms in check, and we offer a variety of topical treatments that can reduce the appearance of rosacea. To learn more about these topical treatments, check out our webinar. Vessels that appear for other reasons can often be treated effectively in a single procedure or series of treatment sessions. Regardless of the cause of the redness or facial veins, the discoloration typically responds very well to laser therapy. We utilize a variety of different lasers for this treatment.

How do you treat broken vessels?

what are angiomas and how are they treated?

Angiomas appear as raised red bumps. They are growths of blood vessels also known as cherry spots.

Laser devices used to treat this condition:

What treatments fix redness?

What is poikiloderma and how is it treated?

Poikiloderma of Civatte is a variation of sun damage that commonly occurs on the neck and chest and appears as multiple blood vessels with surrounding redness. To lighten this lesion, the V-Beam or pulsed dye laser can be used. It often results in bruising which can last up to several days and requires multiple treatments.

Laser devices used to treat this condition:

what are telangiectases and how are they treated?

Telangiectases are enlarged blood vessels that occur in all parts of the body, but most commonly on the face. Telangiectases are caused by numerous factors including hormonal therapy, sun damage, some underlying medical conditions, as well as genetic tendency. These appear as red and/or blue vessels that look like small lines. They are often associated with a reddish color to the face. 

Laser treatments can be utilized to improve telangiectases and the associated redness of the skin. IPL devices can also be used, however, in our experience, laser treatments are preferable. We use different laser systems including the V-Beam laser, which is a yellow light pulsed dye laser. We also use the Gemini KTP laser at both the 532 nm and 1064 nm wavelengths. These lasers are sometimes used together with one another to provide the best possible benefit for treatment.

Devices used to treat this condition:

Real Patients Before and After photos

Laser Treatment for Broken or Enlarged Blood Vessels on a Man’s Cheek

Laser Treatment for Broken or Enlarged Blood Vessels on a Man’s Cheek

Disclaimer: Results may vary from patient to patient. Results are not guaranteed.
Laser Treatment for Facial Veins

Laser Treatment for Facial Veins

Laser Treatment for Broken or Enlarged Blood Vessels on the Forehead

Laser Treatment for Broken or Enlarged Blood Vessels on the Forehead

Disclaimer: Results may vary from patient to patient. Results are not guaranteed.

red spots & blood vessels

Questions and Answers

Q: How Many Treatments Are Required?

A: Some blood vessels disappear very quickly and require only one or two treatment sessions. Other patients require multiple treatments to obtain the maximum benefit and sustained results.  

Q: Are The Procedures Painful?

A: Typically most patients feel minor discomfort during the procedure.  Our lasers generally use cooling devices to help minimize the pain. In some cases, we use topical cream anesthesia to minimize discomfort. 

Q: What Will My Skin Look Like After Treatment?

A: The skin will appear somewhat redder after each treatment. In some instances, there can be some minor scabbing and/or bruising of the skin for a few days. Typically, make-up can be worn after each treatment session. 

Q: Are These Procedures Covered By Insurance?

A: Laser treatment is oftentimes not considered medically necessary and consequently is not covered by insurance. 

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