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Excess Sweating

Known as axillary hyperhidrosis, this condition results in abnormally excessive sweating of the underarms or face.

Excess sweating

There’s nothing more embarrassing than pit stains in your favorite shirt. Unfortunately, regular antiperspirants can’t always contain axillary hyperhidrosis, but the doctors at the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of New York can help you stop worrying about your excessive sweating with custom-tailored treatment just for you.

Excess sweating and hyperhidrosis can be treated using an energy treatment known as miraDry. Contact your doctor to find out which treatment option is best for you.

How does miraDry® Work?

miraDry® is a new solution for frustrating and embarrassing underarm sweating. At the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York®, we remain at the forefront of technology and became one of the first centers in the world to offer miraDry as a long-term solution for unwanted underarm sweating. We have also conducted clinical trials using the system.

The miraDry procedure is an FDA-approved non-invasive treatment performed in the office. Energy is delivered to the skin surface to eliminate underarm sweat glands. Because the skin is numbed ahead of time, the treatment is painless. After the area is numbed, the microwave energy device is applied to cover the length of the underarm. Just two treatments spaced three months apart are needed.

miradry hyperhidrosis treatment in new york
miradry excess sweating treatment in new york

Do miraDry® treatments Hurt? 

Originally designed as a two or three treatment course, updates now allow for a significant reduction in sweat after one relatively painless procedure. In addition, thanks to cutting-edge research conducted at the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York, a significant reduction in underarm hair of any color can also be achieved – something never previously possible with laser hair removal.

When Will I See Results?

This condition can be successfully treated in a single, one-hour session with the new miraDry® protocol.

How Long is the Recovery Time After Treatment?

Recovery for hyperhidrosis is usually a matter of days in most cases, and many patients can return to work the next day. To learn more about hyperhidrosis, visit

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excess sweating

Questions and Answers

Q: Is miraDry Safe?

A: Yes, miraDry is safe. It has been used in over 140,000 treatments worldwide with an excellent safety record. Cleared by the FDA, reductions in underarm sweat can be seen in as little as one appointment.

Q: How Long Does It Take?

A: Appointments for the treatment generally last about one hour.

Q: What Results Can I Expect?

A: Results are immediate and lasting. Once the miraDry treatment eliminates the sweat and odor glands, they’re gone for good. The treatment is clinically proven to have an average of 82% sweat reduction and 89% odor reduction. As with any aesthetic treatment, results and experiences vary from patient to patient. 

Q: Are There Any Side Effects?

A: Common side effects include some localized soreness or swelling, and they typically clear within a few weeks. Some patients have short-term altered sensation in the skin of their underarms or upper arms, which gradually disappears.

Q: Is There Any Pain or Downtime?

A: Most patients describe the procedure as painless with little to no downtime. Local anesthesia is administered to the underarms prior to the treatment for patient comfort. Most patients return to regular activity (like returning to work) immediately. Exercise is typically resumed within several days. You may experience swelling, numbness, bruising, and sensitivity in the underarm area for several days after treatment. 

Q: How Many Treatments Will I Need?

A: You can see results in as little as one treatment. However, as with any aesthetic treatment, your physician will determine the best protocol for your desired results.

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