Ultherapy®, previously known as Ulthera, is an advanced ultrasound device, used to treat sagging skin of the face and neck. The device is non-invasive, and applies ultrasound waves to the skin to gently heat and tighten loose skin for our Manhattan and New York, NY patients. Additionally, over a period of months, collagen will regrow beneath the skin, causing skin to look even younger over time.

Ulthera received its newest FDA Clearance to Non-Invasively Treat the Chest to Improve Lines and Wrinkles of the Décolletage!! We are extremely excited!! This means that Ultherapy has now moved its way onto the body and we have new exciting things to talk about. 

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Ultherapy Fact Sheet

How does Ultherapy differ from other skin tightening procedures?

Ultherapy is the only non-surgical cosmetic procedure that uses ultrasound to stimulate the growth of collagen below the skin's surface. Collagen continues to grow over time, and our New York City-area patients may notice results becoming more obvious over a three to six month period.

What is the Ultherapy treatment like?

Typically the Ultherapy treatment takes only about an hour, and has little to no downtime after. It is a non-invasive procedure with minimal risk of side effects. Most patients report very little discomfort during the procedure. Our dermatologists work to make patient treatments as comfortable as possible.

How long will results last?

The production of new collagen caused by Ultherapy treatments can last a year or longer. As skin continues aging, sagging inevitably returns to some degree despite the continued production of collagen. Patients who receive touch-up services from time to time can keep up with the effects of aging and see the most dramatic results.

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