ActiveFX & DeepFX™

The Lumenis constructed laser targets specific areas of the skin to remove fine lines and photodamage. We offer ActiveFX and DeepFX fractional CO2 laser treatments in our New York City office. 

What is ActiveFX? 
ActiveFX is a high energy laser beam treatment solution for sun damaged or wrinkled skin. It treats only a fraction of the skin at a time, which allows for faster healing. The treatment causes the upper layer of skin to peel off, revealing a layer of healthy skin underneath. 

What is DeepFX?

DeepFX is used in skin resurfacing to treat deep wrinkles in our NYC patients. This treatment also uses a fractionated pattern as the laser hits the skin to allow for a quicker healing time. However, the deep heating created with DeepFX allows for collagen tightening and is ideal to treat wrinkles around the mouth and eyes.